House Rules

1. Always start on time! Come early enough to change and get warmed up.

2. Number of classes per week – 3 minimum ... 4 is optimal.

3. All new members will be introduced to the class. This is your team for the day!

4. Your trainer will review all WOD’s promptly on time then you will go set up your stations.

5. Wipe Down you mat and equipment. Control your bars, dumb bells, and kettle bells. NEVER DROP AN EMPTY BAR!!!

6. BELIEVE in yourself, you CAN do this!

7. Do NOT cheat! Nobody cares about your score – they care if you cheat!

8. Your workout time needs to be sacred, this is when you are:

  • Taking care of yourself (if you don’t, who else will?).
  • Retaining your health, your weight, your energy, your self pride, etc. (this is YOUR time! Special to you! May need to rotate some things around to make this time work for you).
  • Setting a routine – Put YOU in your routine.

9. Participate in as many “Out of the Gym” events as you can…its fun and brings you closer together.

10. Encourage your neighbor and have FUN with your WOD!!!