The LT’s Primal Fitness Story

“That’s my mom!” I heard my son cry out—his voice louder than all the others in the auditorium. I had just been named the overall winner in a National Physique Committee Figure competition. It was my first big win. I had trained hard to get there, but the thing that mattered most in that moment was that my six-year-old was proud of me.

The road to that win had been a hard one. The physical challenge wasn’t the hard part. I’d always exercised and loved it. But I didn’t start seriously training for bodybuilding competitions until my husband started chemotherapy for bone cancer. When he was sick, the gym was the only thing that sparked him back to life. When he couldn’t do it himself, he became my trainer. Training and showing in bodybuilding competitions was my way of helping him carry out his dreams when he was too sick to do it himself. I competed in Georgia, Alabama, Texas and won national level status my first year.

When I wasn’t travelling or competing I ran a full size gym in Fayetteville, Georgia, right outside Atlanta. I always loved fitness teaching. I taught everything from spin classes, to aerobics, to kickboxing. When my husband died I found myself a single mom with a 10-year-old son. I did some personal training in those days, but I missed a bigger gym and the chance to help more people. When I moved to the mountains of North Carolina to start a new life, I came with a mission to start the kind of gym I had always envisioned. When I arrived in Asheville I knew that I wanted to help as many people as I could to feel better, stronger, and more fit. I made my dreams a reality in April of 2010 when I opened LT’s Primal Fitness.

To serve my gym members and students better, I have earned numerous certifications in everything from personal training to nutrition: from Cross-fit, the American Fitness Professionals Association, the American College of Sports Medicine and the United States Sports Academy. Though the certifications I have earned have given me a strong base of knowledge, I’ve learned the most from working directly with the people who train with me. I developed my own Functional Interval Training (F.I.T.) program because I saw the need for emphasis on technique over speed, and form over weight. We offer F.I.T. to everyone, no matter what level of physical fitness you are at, or what level you want to achieve in the future. I am dedicated to helping all my students learn functional movement and correct form. The training increases in intensity when you master these fundamentals.

To help those people who want a more traditional gym setting or one-on-one personal training rather than group F.I.T. training, I added a traditional strength gym. Our services were widened even more when we added Strength and Conditioning Trainer Rob Wess to the LT’s Primal Fitness team in 2013. Rob is an elite powerlifter and body builder who has earned multiple state and national records. My goal as a trainer is to help as many people as I can reach their highest potential. The gym is the only way I know to do that. That is my why. I try to earn that every day by helping people at LT’s Primal Fitness. I’ve seen people who come in the door sad and out of shape transform their bodies and their lives through exercise. You are why I do it.

Today, my work at LT’s Primal Fitness is how I want to inspire my son to say, “That’s my mom.”