Teresa - August 2018 Member of the Month!

What working out does for me: It may not make life better but it makes me better at life (see story below) My favorite thing to do at LT's: chit-chat...shavasana...run...and at the moment GHD (in that order)

What I did during my summer vacation...ahhh High School creative writing has apparently come back to haunt me. You might think I'm kidding but this is really what Lucy asked me to write about. Ok maybe not exactly in those words, but close.

So as most good stories go let me start at the beginning. A little less than 7 years ago I set out to find a crossfit gym. I had been running for years but knew I needed to do more. I had been getting a WOD from a box that posted their WOD's online and doing them by myself at a classic gym. Needless to say that wasn't going very well since I'm not the most self motivated person when I have no idea what I'm doing. Now I did watch videos and I even bought a book to learn how to do the lifts properly, but those only took me so far (yes I'm that nerd with the book trying to figure out how to clean and then front squat. Go on and laugh, I sure did). Bottom line I do better in a group with a leader that can show me the way. After trying out a couple of places I decided on LT's...a decision I would come to regret. Ok, not really. Just those times it hurts to sit, get out of bed, lift my arms, etc. After about 6 months of this sweat and pain I noticed that I could go up stairs a lot easier. Not so much after pistol squats but all the other days. For you youngsters this won't mean much but for those of us who have lived a few decades we know what a fairweather friend muscles can be. Apparently my core had packed up and left me long ago. After watching elderly parents try to walk up said stairs and losing an Aunt from complications that arose from falling and fracturing her hip I have come to realize that if you plan on enjoying your life as you age it's all about the core...and maybe a little about the other muscles that are hanging around.

So what did I do this summer vacation? It started with a 10k road race in Atlanta on July 4th. My hero from this race was not the winner. It wasn't even the wheelchair racers. Although they are amazing. My hero is the 92 year old lady who not only ran this race but deadlifts 90 pounds and can hold a plank for a minute and a half. I want to be her when I'm a nonagenarian. After leaving Atlanta I headed to Alaska. While I thought I had planned a somewhat active vacation turns out that biking, hiking and sea kayaking are just not that strenuous after 7 years at LT's. And that is exactly why I drag myself to LT'S at 6am 3 days a week. I want to see and do, not just sit on the sideline. Thanks to Lucy's guidance and all the support and friendship from my Primal family I've been able to do just that.


Hello everyone, I am Giovanni! I have been here at LT’s for about a year. I was invited to come by Mindy and even though the thought of a 6am class scared me I gave it a try… and it turned out to be the BEST decision ever! Ever since the first day I tried the WOD I knew I was right at home. Jennifer and I have loved to see our progress. Neither one of us had tried any other type of gym other than The Rush, which was a complete waste. We would spend more time trying to figure out how to use the machinery than actually working out. Prior to this I was really never really physically active.

The first few weeks were torture for my body. I was always in pain but I was always coming back for more. I just couldn’t get enough. I was really impressed by Lucy and her story and how she found the time to help each person individually. There were times where she would spend most of the class with me because I had no idea what I was doing and thanks to all of her attention I have been injury free and still loving what we do. I went from not being able to lift at all to being able to deadlift 300lbs. I can run, do box jumps, one hand pull-ups! I love the results I am seeing, I love the results I’m FEELING on the inside as well.

This gym and Lucy has given me more than I could have ever expected! Everyone I’ve met has offered their friendship and encouragement and for that I am so grateful.

Richard M.

This place made me love working out again. I got in shape and met some great friends at the same time. Lucy was always motivating and supportive. Unfortunately I had to move away from Asheville, but I will always remember LT's as the gym that helped me redefine my life.

Sharon H.

I Love Lts!! I highly recommend Lts to anyone who is serious about improving their health and fitness level. Lucy offers modifications to workouts for beginners. I've been going to Lts for about 6 months now.I really stepped up and started doing Wods 4 days a week in October and have seen a real change.

I've lost 20+ pounds and 3 inches on my waist. I'm a lot stronger and my endurance has increased. Lucy is so encouraging and supportive. She's an awesome trainer & teacher. The people at Lt's have great attitudes and are supportive of each other, too. I know that if I continue to put in the time, and with Lucy's help, I can be "the best me I can be"

Becky S.

I began working out at LT's Primal fitness in July 2014.  I have been a member of gyms where I had participated in group classes, lifted weights, used the elliptical, ran, cycled, swam and the list goes on. Honestly, I NEVER saw the results in my body and overall strength that I have witnessed since I have been working out at Lucy's gym. My body is so much stronger and I am virtually pain free. I used to suffer with some low back pain and through strengthening my core and legs I no longer suffer from low back issues. Lucy really takes time to show you proper body mechanics on every work out. Lucy is a true inspiration to me. It has been an awesome experience and I am officially HOOKED!! You are more than just a "Gym go-er" at LT's your FAMILY!

Sarah R.

I have never been one to love the intimidating and overwhelming traditional gym environment. But this place is SO far from that, it's refreshing. All the members are so warm and welcoming... when I joined a few months ago, I didn't know a soul and now it feels like I have a new family! 

Lucy somehow has achieved this incredible balance of being an amazing coach and motivator, while still being just as awesome, unintimidating, and relatable as a person. She genuinely cares about her members and strives to form meaningful relationships with each one of them. She is a Crossfit certified trainer, though not affiliated, so you get all the Crossfit goodness for a fraction of the cost. :) Going to LT's feels like having your own personal trainer as the classes are really small and Lucy is there to check your form and keep you motivated throughout the class! 

I am constantly telling all my friends and family about this place and would recommend to anyone!


We LOVE this place!!! We came here during our vacation and immediately knew this was the best place for us to continue our fitness while away from home. Lucy was incredible!! Hands down the best in the biz. She helped us where we needed help and daily provided amazing circuits. A true inspiration!


We have spent the last week working out with Lucy and could not have asked for a better gym to keep us fit while on vacation! We were able to strength train and do the Workout of the Day (WOD) for a great drop in rate! Thanks Lucy for the amazing workouts! I would recommend this gym to anyone looking for a killer workout with tons of variety.